BKS was given opportunities by the following partial list of clients to provide skilled professionals. They had needs for specific consultants, with specific skills and specific qualities. We met the challenge and are exceeding expectations.

Our clients call us First for their needs, and consider us the "go to" vendor.

Staff Augmentation

Business Knowledge Services employs dedicated professionals and partners that provide superior services from Project Management and Business Analysis to the Unique Resources required for short and long term Staff Augmentation.

"We like working with BKS because you are honest and treat us right".

Our consultants possess expertise in various computer skills such as: SQL Server, Visual Basic, .NET, C#, Oracle, SAP, JAVA, Angular, and UNIX/Linux, as well as the hard to find skills such as: OBIEE, Ab Initio, Perl, Chef, Informatica, Python, Azure, AWS, Google, and Epic.

BKS professionals work as individuals, leaders, or as team members of cross-functional groups in the complete life cycle of the development, including project management. They also provide training to users and work with other technical groups to co-ordinate environment changes and cross-application testing.

Why Staff Augmentation

Customers can obtain a business edge by using BKS consultants. While your staff applies leading-edge technologies, we can manage the legacy work; or our technology/business experts can adapt the new and unique technologies to your business processes, and train your staff on how to use them proficiently.

EMC Corporation is the world leader in networked information storage, information management software and the provider of the most robust, secure, and trusted information storage infrastructure in the world.

BKS has been providing top quality Oracle developers and consultants to EMC since our inception. We work directly with upper management in IT, Manufacturing, and Finance to assist them with mission critical needs. We also provide "surge" and "backfill" consultants with specific qualities, allowing internal staff to complete time sensitive duties, without being bogged down with training consultants. Currently, our consultants are spread throughout the United States, on a variety of projects that have deadlines and budget constraints. Together we will meet the deadlines and come in under budget.

Since 1846, HP Hood has been New England's leading dairy processor and has also become a national company distributing dairy products throughout the United States.

Since our inception, BKS has worked with Hood on multiple projects and staffing needs. Like most companies today, they are in the process of upgrading and enhancing their desktops, servers, and overall network. They asked BKS to provide a Senior Project Manager and several Network Administrators to facilitate the process. Hood did not want to disturb internal users or disrupt business in the slightest way. Therefore, by allowing BKS to manage the overall process, Hood's internal staff was able to seamlessly manage daily activities, current project work, and maintain business.

Direct Hire

Posting an opening only produces a small number of candidates, and the majority of them don't meet your minimum requirements.

BKS understands finding talented employees is a labor-intensive process. You are busy with everyday business responsibilities and can't devote your time and expertise to a full time search. That's where BKS comes in.

Our staff is intelligent, professional, and has an exceptional understanding of the industries we specialize in. By working closely with you, we learn about your company and what differentiates you in a highly competitive marketplace. We provide you with carefully screened job candidates that have the proper qualifications by matching professionals to your specific staffing needs. BKS takes the time to interview every candidate to ensure a proper fit.

Without the best and most qualified people working for you, your business can't perform at its best.

BKS Offshore

BKS understands how costly it is to stay current In the ever-evolving digital landscape. The challenges of staying competitive requires not only harnessing global expertise but also optimizing legacy applications, moving to the cloud, or simply extending your staff skills for lower costs. The extended benefits of our IT offshore services, now encompassing Cloud Migration, Legacy Application Optimization, and Staff Augmentation allows your company to leverage our resources that have exact technology skills and proven experience:

Global Expertise, Local Impact
Collaborate with experts worldwide across various domains, including Software Development, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Cloud Migration, and Legacy Application Optimization. Leverage a diverse talent pool for solutions aligned with your business objectives.

Cost-Effective Solutions
Optimize your budget by not only reducing operational costs but also enhancing efficiency. Benefit from offshore talent by saving up to 70% compared to US staff with our competitive pricing models, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient IT infrastructure.

24/7 Support and Flexibility
Benefit from a global workforce offering 24/7 support for all services. Our teams, spanning different time zones, provide the flexibility required to meet your evolving business needs.

Cutting-Edge Technology Integration
Stay at the forefront of technology trends with our commitment to innovation. Legacy Application Optimization ensures that your existing systems are not left behind. By combining this with Cloud Migration, we integrate cutting-edge technology to keep your business competitive and future-ready.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business
Recognizing the uniqueness of every business, our IT offshore services offer tailored solutions. Whether you are optimizing legacy applications or migrating to the cloud, our services align with your strategic goals, ensuring a seamless and customized approach.


Cost Savings
Receive 3 for 1 savings (3 offshore resources = 1 US resource). Efficiently manage IT budgets by optimizing your staff with experienced resources at 1/3 the cost.

Enhanced Performance
Modernize and improve the performance of legacy systems, ensuring they meet contemporary standards.

Cloud Migration enables scalability, allowing your business to adapt to changing demands efficiently.

Security Reinforcement
Enhance security measures through updated applications and cloud infrastructure, safeguarding your data and systems.

Business Agility
Cloud-based solutions and optimized applications empower your business to respond swiftly to market changes and emerging opportunities.

Ready to explore the comprehensive advantages of IT offshore services… BKS is committed to providing informative and tailored solutions that empower your business for sustained success.

Custom Application Development

BKS understands that companies are constantly changing, and so are your business needs. We create custom software applications to address your most complex business issues. When off-the-shelf products are either insufficient or do not yet exist, our consulting services can provide the perfect solution. These unique applications benefit our clients by:

By creating programs to automate repetitious and cumbersome tasks, our clients benefit through the following ways:

We customize the application to meet your business needs, rather than force the business to work under the constraints of the application. To date, our applications have been created to work in distribution, non profit, healthcare, and manufacturing.